Road crews working to keep roads clear after rains

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) -- In Rapid City, the storms are keeping city road crews hopping -- whether it's dealing with flooding itself or the mud and debris left behind.

Rapid City road crews working to keep roads clear after heavy rains.

"It's a very busy day for us," Jeremy Cahill, Rapid City street maintenance supervisor, said Friday. "The main problem that we're chasing up is the shale being on the road. We're always worried about tourists, motorcycle traffic coming through, slipping or sliding on the debris that's on the road."

It's a team effort. Bobcats and shovels. Then street sweepers.

"Our entire crew is working on chasing this debris to get the roads opened back up," Cahill said.

And there could be more problems down the road.

"With the ongoing rains and the ground is so saturated that the water has no place to go so it's worked it's way here and there and causing bigger issues on the roads," Cahill said.

Have the city crews had enough of the rain, that is tracking almost 7 inches above normal to date?

"Yes I am," said Street Maintenance Worker Dustin Graesser. "Between mud cleanup and flooding, putting up signs and just general maintenance of everything it kind of puts a damper on stuff."