'A new Tornado Alley' -- with no emergency siren

A tornado struck Allen on Friday and tore the roof off a mobile home.
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ALLEN, S.D. (KOTA TV) -- A tornado that struck Friday near Allen was the second in just five days.

It tore the roof off off one mobile home and shined a light on a fact that has residents worried: the emergency alert siren in the town doesn't work -- and hasn't for quite some time.

The storm packed a vicious punch. It rendered one home uninhabitable and took control of an Oglala Sioux Tribal Public Safety officer's patrol vehicle.

"The wind just went and blew my whole unit sideways," said Officer Isaiah Crow.

Crow was in town to alert residents to the storm because the town's emergency siren doesn't work -- even as severe weather seems to be a recurring problem.

"It's turned into like a new Tornado Alley through here in Allen and Kyle and Wanblee and Martin," said Allen resident Egan Long Man. "And with our siren broken down we're concerned now that we need some kind of a system here where we're going to be alerted to bad weather."

Tribal Emergency Management Director Steve Wilson said he hoped to have a repair crew out next week to fix the faulty siren, one of only eight on the reservation. In contrast, much smaller Pennington county has 34 sirens.

James Cross, who represents Allen on the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, said he would bring up the issue of the broken siren at the next council meeting. He added he wants to see severe weather training in the community. Long Man agreed.

"We need to have tornado drills during the tornado season, which we haven't," he said. "These are issues that need to be answered."