Rapid City Area Schools adds 2nd food truck to their fight against hunger

RCAS Summer Food Service Program served 3,000 meals to children in its second week.

RAPID VALLEY, S.D. (KEVN) - With summer vacation in full swing, Rapid City Area Schools' (RCAS) Summer Food Service Program is not only feeding children nutritious meals, but they are bringing these meals to a neighborhood near you.

This is the second year that the program is utilizing a food truck and added a second refrigerated truck to provide hot and cold lunches to children 18 and under. They currently cover six sites around Rapid City: Goodwill, Mother Butler Center, Lacriox Links, Robbinsdale Park, the Community Health Center and Rapid Valley Elementary.

The Summer Food Service Program served 3,000 meals to children at all their locations in their second week of operation. These kind of numbers identify that there is a need for this service and that in order to get as many children fed, they have to think of outside the box...

"We are always looking for way to be innovative, the food truck was one step, the refrigerated truck is another step and again we're always looking for ways to be innovative," said Krista Leischner, student nutrition assistant manager, RCAS. "We're currently looking at how can we use the food trucks more during the school year, we're at the high schools now but how can we use it even more. How can be running this thing all the time and so yeah we're definitely looking at ways to be out there as much as possible."

The summer food service program serves meals at a total of 14 locations throughout the summer. To find a site near you or for other information such as menus you can visit Rapid City Areas Schools' Facebook page.