Rapid City Public Works Committee acknowledges recent garbage collection proposals

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The Rapid City Public Works Committee held their first meeting since the election Tuesday, and although there were quite a few items on the agenda, one hot topic item involved the recent proposed changes to garbage collection.

Rapid City Public Works committee acknowledges scrapped garbage collection proposal, hopes to continue the dialogue into the future.

All five public works committee members commented on the proposed changes to stop garbage pickup collection in alleyways in parts of Rapid City.

They acknowledged the public outcry and the lack of time given to the public to formally respond to the proposed changes. They also discussed how some neighborhoods are only designed for alleyway collection and that some streets are too dangerous to place trash bin on them due to the high volume of traffic. Although no formal action was taken by the committee, they each expressed interest in continuing the dialogue on this topic into the future.

"Today's discussion was basically just to kind of share those concerns, share those insights, share the input that the committee members were getting from the public, which was very important," said Rapid City's Communications Coordinator Darrell Shoemaker," [and] make that a part of their record so that as staff moves forward with any sort of decision down the road they can look back and again take that pulse from what were the council members hearing at the time that they last looked at this [and] take that input into account as they move forward should they decide to make any sort of actions down the road."

One of the possible solutions discussed was looking at potential code enforcements for alleyways. These could include codes that will force homeowners to clear their portion of the alleyway of unnecessary junk or even maintaining trees or shrubs that may block access for garbage collectors.