Rapid City residents walk in remembrance of the 1972 Flood victims

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN) - 47 years ago, the historic flood wiped out more than 700 acres of land, destroying neighborhoods, families and lives.

Rapid City locals walk around Memorial Park to honor the 1972 Flood victims.

On Sunday, about 40 people wore yellow shirts and gathered in Memorial Park to honor the hundreds of lives lost for the 1972 annual Flood Memory Walk.

The attendees and some of the Rapid City firefighters told stories about the day of the flood and the lack of technology that made rescue missions even more difficult.

Jim Bussell with the Rapid City Fire Department said back then they did not have flotation devices and crucial water rescue equipment like the department has now.

After the recent flooding in South Dakota, Bussell advises people to always take flood warnings seriously and evacuate if need be.

Nancy Kirk lost her aunt and two cousins in the 1972 Flood and joined the walk to show support on their behalf.

"It means a lot because this should never be forgotten. These people gave up a lot and we just always have to remember them and what this green way is today for Rapid City," Kirk said.

Bussell said back in 1972 the firefighters communicated through AM radio. Now, communication is better with the help of social media and other technology advancements he said.

Bussell said Rapid City firefighters are more prepared nowadays since each firefighter undergoes swift water rescue training.