Search continues for Serenity Dennard

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ROCKERVILLE S.D. (KEVN TV) - At 6 a.m. over 100 people in 5 groups walked arms length apart scanning, searching, looking for any evidence of Serenity Dennard.

The search is on for Serenity Dennard.

"What we call kind of grid search, wing span to wing span searching. Basically eliminating areas, we have 5 key areas we're targeting this morning," says Kevin Thom the Sheriff of Pennington County.

The Sheriff's Office wanted all hands on deck to try and cover the most ground possible so they put in a request to the Ellsworth Air Force Base for volunteers, with nearly 80 airmen and women, they too want to help find more answers to where the missing child could be.

"We're going to get told from where we're going to start and just keep going until they call us back for lunch. Might as well use my time wisely and help for a good cause. She's been missing for awhile might as well get her found," says Keely Stolpe with the Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Sheriff's deputies and Ellsworth airmen weren't the only ones in attendance but also some members from the Box Elder police department.

For one officer, he works night and normally would be sleeping at 6 a.m. but he put his needs second to lend a hand.

"We're all part of a big community, the Black Hills and we're very happy to have been selected to come here and hopefully bring the family closure and definitely glad they wanted us here," John Cargill a police officer with the Box Elder Police Department.

There's no update from the Sheriff's Department if anything has been found during today's search but as they continue, we will update you with any information.