Cornerstone thrift store burglarized earlier this week

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN) - A Rapid City thrift store was burglarized earlier this week, but it turns out losing money wasn't the biggest loss.

The Cornerstone thrift store is missing just under a thousand dollars in cash and gift cards after being broken into Wednesday night.

The suspect stole the stores safe and while doing so, hit a fire sprinkler, which caused water damage to offices.

Cornerstone is closing half of their store to handle the water damage but isn't letting this setback slow them down.

“We're the mission.” Said Lysa Allison, Executive Director of Cornerstone Thrift. We work twenty-four seven, 365 regardless of what happens. Regardless of the weather, like I said, this is an inconvenience, and our doors are still open, and we're going to serve the best that we can at the mission and all of our other facilities."
The store is hoping to have both sides of the thrift store open early next week.