Why reading is important during the summer

Children kick off the summer reading program at the downtown library.
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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN TV) - The Rapid City Public Library kicked off its summer reading program Saturday with a celebration but at the core, it's to keep kids engaged in reading and keep their brains working while they're out of school.

"Their body retains that knowledge, their mind retains that knowledge it's just like exercising your mind really. Then they'll be prepared for school this fall," says Janet Parr the events coordinator at the Rapid City Public Library.

For one family of 6, the older kids love to read, and continue reading throughout the summer. They used the kick off event Saturday to pick out their first round of books. For dad, he's happy to supply them with more knowledge.

"Just to give them something to do over the summer and an adventure for their mind. They can really get into those stories and learn some new things and they seem to enjoy it," says Jesse Nelson.

So how does the summer reading program work? For children there's two rounds of reading 15 minutes per day for 25 days, totaling to 50 days of straight reading.

When they're finished with each 25 day set, they come back to the library and get a prize. For library staff, they love to see children excited about reading.

"It's really interesting to watch kids from story time level doing story time all the way up to teenagers and they do seem to enjoy the program every summer. They really look forward to it," says Parr.

As well as the kid reading program there's also a program for teens and adults this summer too.