Communities in the Northern Hills unite to give kids in need a little comfort

WHITEWOOD, S.D. (KEVN) - More then 50 sewers from across the Northern Black Hills united together to give kids a little comfort in times of duress.

Area law enforcement stand with the comfort pillows created by volunteers from a variety of communities in the Northern Hills.

They made more than 70 comfort pillows which they gave to area law enforcement to place in each of their vehicles Friday.

Accompanied with a book donated by the Whitewood Public Library, these comfort pillows will be given to children by law enforcement at the scene of a call to help them feel calm and comforted. This ambassador project is part of the Whitewood Chamber of Commerce who invited other community members to volunteer their time to do something good for all involved.

"It's a great feeling, it just shows that in South Dakota the small communities everybody is just part of a bigger picture and we see that in our work all of the time and this is just one more example of it," said Trooper Ed Fox with the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

"Bringing organizations together makes the wheels go round so to coordinate and to expose ourselves to other organizations and what their mission is and what they're about, it makes us all better," said Rea Weyrich, director of Whitewood Public Library.

Next year they will be calling on more volunteers to help create pocket pouches that can be attached to walkers. Past projects include gathering two towers of presents that were given to the first born baby of the year in Spearfish and making and donating lap quilts that were given to veterans throughout Western South Dakota.