Two president statues are back up on the streets of Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D, (KEVN) - Two president statues were victims of car crashes but now both are repaired and standing up once again.

The artist of the statues and Rapid City Parks and Recreation workers install the new President George W Bush statue. (KOTA TV)

Rapid City Parks and Recreation workers and the sculptor of the two statues reinstalled the President Harry Truman and the President George W Bush statues.

Over the winter, the President Harry Truman statue was run down by a car for a second time.

Sculptor Jim Maher said the statue was badly bent. He said he needed to take a long trip to get the base of the statue reshaped and reattached to the figure.

"With Truman, it was just the matter of getting down there and getting it back because the foundry is in Colorado," said Maher.

The President George W. Bush statue was hit back in March. The base was bent a little and the mounting hardware underneath was torn loose.

It's now repaired but with a new look. He is now wearing a white shirt, a blue tie, and a red scarf.

"So that's why we wanted to get them done as quickly as we could and May was the soonest the artist had time to repair them and get them back," City of Presidents Co-Founder Dallerie Davis said.

It cost $4,350 to repair the President Harry Truman statue and $2,500 for the President George W. Bush statute.

The President Barack Obama statue will be unveiled on July 13th.