4,000 people set lose ambulance service

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Sturgis, S.D. (KEVN) - The City of Sturgis is cutting off ambulance service for more than 4,000 people in Meade County.

Meade County residents could lose ambulance service in July.

In April, the Sturgis City Council unanimously approved a change to the ambulance district to reduce the service area to only the city limits and other tax paying areas. That will leave nearly 1,500 households, as well as several businesses, without ambulance coverage.

The Meade County Commission is looking for a way to reinstate coverage - potentially through the use of a $52, yearly tax.

"I do not believe that is unreasonable whatsoever," said RJ Ludwick, owner of the No Name City RV Park. "Those services are a must and I would be willing to pay the $52. I would hope the other people in the surrounding areas would possibly adapt to that also."

Ludwick's RV park is outside of city limits and stands to lose ambulance service if a funding solution isn't found. The changes to the ambulance district are expected to go into affect July 15, right before the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally season, which could pose a serious problem.

"I believe it's dangerous and irresponsible," Ludwick said.