'No Trucks' signs on Fort Meade Way will be removed, but not for long

MEADE COUNTY, S.D, (KEVN) - Meade County Highway Department workers will remove "No Trucks" signs on Fort Meade Way. But rain in the forecast could be putting the signs right back up.

Meade County Highway Department worker spreads gravel on Fort Meade Way.

Two "No Trucks" signs and a billboard were added last week on Tuesday on intersections to preserve Fort Meade Way in the Sturgis area.

Meade County's Interim Highway Superintendent Scott Tegethoff said the heavy industrial trucks constantly on Fort Meade Way have worn out the road. He said rains or snows make the road worse.

'No Trucks' signs added on Fort Meade Way and Pleasant Valley Drive

Though some truck drivers drove pass the sign, Tegethoff said on rainy days most trucks made U-turns.

"It kept most of the trucks off, especially when it was wet. They kind of saw it as we better not go down this road. So yeah, it worked," Tegethoff said.

But not everyone liked the signs. The Buffalo Chip Campground Owner Rod Woodruff said the signs are disappointing. He said it's discouraging truck drivers from coming on Fort Meade Way and just cutting through town.

"I think it's the smallest, narrowest traffic lanes on the continent. The trucks actually take up more than the lane. So, it's intimidating to actually be in a car or a pickup and be next to the trucks as they're going through," Woodruff said.

Woodruff pushed for the construction of Fort Meade Way for years and to see it not being used for a short time bothers him. However, he said he understands the quick repairs the Meade County Highway Department wants to make.

To maintain the road, workers are spreading 14,000 tons of gravel on the road at a cost of about $60,000, according to Tegethoff. The workers will also spray mag water, a chemical to help with the dust on the road.