1880 Train opens for season and celebrates the birthday of one of their engines

HILL CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Friday is the official opening day for the 1880 Train and to make things more special, it's is also the birthday of their Engine #7.

Engine #7 was made this month in 1919 and for it's 100th birthday the operations manager gave a small history of the train and even talked about how it was used in some big Hollywood productions. Afterwards the public was treated to quick on board tour of how the engine worked and afterwards those who bought a ticket hopped on the 1880 train to take the inaugural ride of this season. The ride takes them from Hill City to Keystone and takes roughly an hour as they pass through Black Hills seeing such sights as Black Elk and old mining encampments.

"Our gearing up really started the day after we ended last year so our engine house takes apart all of then engines we use and basically rebuild everything and test everything, refurbishes some things and makes sure everything is in tip top conditions," said Holli Edwards, business development manager, 1880 Train. "There's been so many memories I think made on the 1880 Train and especially with number 7, people can remember riding on that when the train first opened so just hearing their memories and about all the great times they spent here."

And they would love to take mom for a ride on Sunday. They'll be heading out with their Mother's Day Express featuring cupcakes, mimosas and even live music.