'No Trucks' signs added on Fort Meade Way and Pleasant Valley Drive

STURGIS, S.D, (KEVN) - New "No Trucks" signs emerge in the Sturgis area to help save a couple of roads used as shortcuts to Interstate 90.

The Meade County Highway Department put up two signs and a billboard saying "no trucks" to prevent gravel roads from getting worse.
The signs are at the corner of Fort Meade Way and Highway 34 and the corner of Pleasant Valley Drive and I-90.

Meade County Interim Highway Superintendent Scott Tegethoff says several trucks cut through these roads to get to Interstate 90 after getting off of Highway 79 or Highway 34.

Tegethoff says the dirt is coming through the thin gravel creating several holes and plenty of mud. He says by keeping the trucks off those roads, it will prevent further damage.

"They're not good. We've got residents who live out there that we're just trying to, so they can at least get to their places and not have to deal with that," Tegethoff said.

Tegethoff says the trucks can go through town to get to the interstate instead.