Snow holds back Old MacDonald's Farm from opening up

RAPID CITY, S.D., (KEVN) - Several tourist attractions planned to open up on May 1st but the recent snowfall put a few dents in those plans.

Old MacDonald's Farm is now quickly cleaning up the farm to open on Friday instead.

Several puddles and piles of snow cover the Old MacDonald's Farm as staff members rush around to care for the animals.

The snow made it difficult for workers to clean up the animal pens and clear out the duck pond. Feeding tables were moved inside the sheds to keep the straw dry.

On Monday, to keep a calf warm, a staff member ended up moving it to the poultry barn.

To keep the animals' body temperatures up, dozens of bottles of milk were constantly being warmed up. Though the cold weather didn't freeze the drinking water for the animals, it left a thin layer of ice on top of it.

Thursday's sunshine is helping melt the snow but the setback comes at a cost.

"It cost what we would have in admissions. Not being able to pay the staff. The staff still has to be here to take care of animals. But we're just grateful for the wonderful weather," Old MacDonald's Farm Manager Joe Green said.

The farm is ready to show off the new bird aviary they built in the spring. It will hold up to at least 100 pheasants and exotic birds.