South Dakota lawmakers dispute about political goals

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - State Representative Scyller Borglum is speaking out about a meeting with Congressman Dusty Johnson, where she claims Johnson "bullied" her.

Johnson invited her and her husband to meet up with him and two others before the Lawrence County Lincoln Day dinner Saturday evening. What everyone expected was meant to be a friendly chat went south, according to Borglum.

She says after praising some of Borglum's work, Johnson then asked if she is planning to run against Senator Mike Rounds in 2020. Even after Borglum clarified she has no intention of doing so she states that Johnson continued to push the question, stating Rounds has people looking into her to prepare an offensive stance if she does choose to run.

"Trying to bully somebody out of doing hard work, that's to me, that's un-American. This country, this State for heaven's sake is known for it's work ethic," says Borglum.

"I just felt duty bound as somebody who's had a friendly relationship with her to offer my thoughts that it probably wasn't the best use of her political future. I really thought she had the potential to do some good things in South Dakota. I didn't think taking on Mike Rounds was the right move for her," says Johnson.

Borglum also says that when she put out her press release on Monday she received messages from other women who have gone through similar experiences with men in their field.