Summerset children welcome a new tree

SUMMERSET, S.D, (KEVN) - For National Arbor Day, children in Summerset plant a tree donated to the city.

More than 100 children screamed and jumped for joy when a new tree was dropped off on Steamboat Road in Summerset.

The students came from Black Hawk Elementary, Bright Beginnings Childcare Center and Sun Valley Daycare.

The Johnson Tree Company donated the tree.

There are also two other trees in the area planted over the last two years.

This is the fifth year the city has hosted this event for the children and a city commissioner plans to continue raising awareness to more young minds.

"Well we want to plant trees for the future. If we can get all these kids to plant one tree during their life. The world is going to be a better place. It just is," City of Summerset Commissioner Bryce Lutz said.

City workers will be responsible for watering and maintaining the tree.
But Lutz encourages the community to lend a hand at any time.