Landowners encouraged to check slash pile burn sites

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - It may be in the back of your mind at this point with the winter weather we had recently, but Rapid City Fire Department (RCFD) would like land owners to check slash piles they have burned over the winter...

When the snow melts and we have a nice warm-breezy day, there is an opportunity for a slash pile burned over the winter to remain hot enough to cause unintended and unwanted fires. Landowners are encouraged to check those piles for burn spots, use your hand to make sure they are cold and look out for smoking areas.

"You know the more times that burn spots had new moisture on it, the better but that doesn't really matter so if you burned a pile on top of a stump or you know there was a root underneath it or something," said Lt. Tim Weaver, RCFD's Fire and Life Safety Division, "those things can burn underneath the ground for along time and just stay hot and there have been cases where piles have caused problems three months later. Just double check on them, make sure they're cold."

If you decide to take advantage of the recent winter storm and burn slash piles on your property, Weaver says to not get complacent and exercise due diligence as the weather will get warmer.