Winter storm causes flight cancellations at Rapid City Regional Airport

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Rapid City Regional Airport has officially closed the terminal and runways. According to a press release from the airport, the administrative staff plans to reopen the airport by Thursday at noon.

Several flight cancellation leaves Rapid City Regional Airport empty but not closed.

All flights were cancelled except one. A United flight arriving from Denver at 9:34 at night is the only flight still listed as on-time.

There was not a person who seemed to be in sight, except for one woman. Millie Butler came from Nebraska to take a Delta connecting flight to Minneapolis.

She was headed to a teacher training tour in Paris. As a teacher for K-12 arts students, she was supposed to train for a future trip in June with her students. But after being told by the tour manager there may be possible tornadoes in the Midwest and waking up to Rapid City's snow storm...Butler wasn't surprised when her flight was cancelled.

Though she wishes to spend more time in Paris, being indoors with family doesn't sound too bad either.

"With just two days, two days of travel and two days being in Paris. But I was a little bit relieved just because I've never traveled internationally all by myself before. So, like I said it's kind of early to think oh maybe I will get to go back home and snuggle with my husband and my kids and enjoy a couple of snow days," Butler said.

The airline re-booked her flight twice. She hopes to take a flight out Thursday afternoon to make it to Paris.