Search for Serenity hits two months

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ROCKERVILL, S.D. (KEVN) - Two months ago Serenity Dennard went missing after she ran away from the Black Hills Children's Home near Rockerville. Still, the Pennington County Sheriff's Office hasn't given up on finding out what happened to her.

All of the agencies involved in the search for Serenity.

Despite several searches immediately after the 9-year-old was reported missing, Sheriff Kevin Thom says search efforts really only started a week ago.

Several consecutive days of nice weather was enough to melt most of the snow - allowing search teams and dogs to come back and stay out longer. Last weekend, more than 90 people searched the area around Teepee Gulch Road looking for any sign of Serenity.
While they turned up nothing definitive, Thom says each search is helpful.

"Have we found any articles of clothing or things like that? No," Thom said. "But we continue to learn things through the searches and it is helping us dial down the areas we're searching."

Each team is tracked with GPS and the search area is mapped so they know exactly where they've been

"Literally, we went wingspan to wingspan and that went out about 50-100 yards and the terrain varies so, like an accordion, you kind of flex with the terrain a little bit," Thom said. "It's a process of elimination."

Meanwhile, an investigation is going on at the same time. Thom says they have interviewed more than 300 people and acted on five search warrants. They have also followed up on leads in 13 other states.