Ethics of politics in public schools

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PIEDMONT, S.D. (KEVN) - Differing opinions can cause heated discussions. In an attempt to keep problems from happening in school, House Bill 1113 would prevent teachers at public schools from supporting or opposing candidates, government officials, or legislation.

During the Piedmont crackerbarrel, one teacher brought up some concerns with the bill stating ethics are already in her contract. The way this bill is written many people feel that it is too vague and can cause problems for teachers. Some legislators expressed they believe current ethics rules for teachers are adequate. Their concerns with this bill are what it could mean for teachers outside of school settings.

"The way it's written it almost looks like to me that it would completely eliminate the ability of a teacher to make a comment even in a public setting like this. And so that's too far reaching for me," says Sen. Gary Cammack, (R) District 29.

House Bill 1113 is currently scheduled for a hearing on Monday.