Black Hills girls make history by joining Boy Scouts

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - These three girls all enjoy the same thing, being active.
And that's why they decided Boy Scouts was a good fit for them.

Esther Mandy is a girl who joined the Boy Scouts of America. She said, "I feel like Girl Scouts do a lot of great stuff too like they do social activities and indoor activities, where Boy Scouts does more outside and survival things."

That works out well for Esther because, after 100 years, Boy Scouts of America decided to go co-ed.

Esther's father said he warned Esther she may be the only girl at school who signs up for Boys Scouts - but she didn't care and did it anyway.

Ester's father, Ed Mandy said, "There's part of me that thinks there are Boy Scouts and that's a thing for boys and there are Girl Scouts that's a thing for girls, but then as I became a parent and had four daughters, and I thought lets try Girl Scouts, and they're like that's not what I really want to do, I want to go camping and make fires and whittle things and tie knots, and do all of those typical Boy Scout things."

And that's exactly what Esther and 48 other girls in the Black Hills did.

"One of the driving forces behind the decision is coming from our families who have had sisters and siblings who have been coming to scout meetings for years and decades just as tagalongs," Corey Davis, the Scout Executive CEO said.

Although the boys and girls will sometimes work together - they will have separate troops, so there's no competition between genders.

Regardless of this, these girls are making history.