Small town residents thankful Shopko is sticking around

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Shopko announced they are closing their Rapid City location along with 11 other South Dakota stores. But smaller town Shopko stores are staying open.

Jo Schroeder is thankful her Southern Hills Shopko is safe among the recent closings.

Schroeder said, "If I want to go get some socks and underwear, there's no other place in town to do it."

Shopko is the only place for Hot Springs residents to buy affordable clothes, small appliances, sporting goods and furniture.

Because this location is always busy, customers say that losing it would be a big blow to the small-town economy.

Schroeder mentioned she's lived in several small towns and over time she's noticed the big-box stores move out.

"Now in the smaller towns, you don't have those. You don't have a place where you can buy clothing, you don't have a place where you can go and buy furniture, or get your appliances fixed, and Shopko fills the need," Schroeder said.

Hot Springs residents hope that despite the recent slate of closings, their Shopko is here to stay.