More opportunities for software engineers

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Engineering students in the Black Hills have more opportunities for internships with Omnitech. The Sioux Falls based company opened an office at the Ascent Center in Rapid City in December.

Part of a students college career is finding an internship to help them gain experience. For some engineering students in the Black Hills that required traveling to Sioux Falls, but Omnitech is bringing more opportunities West River for software engineers.

"If the students aren't from around here it's hard enough to find somewhere to stay for the school year and then finding a place to stay just for three months across the state is kind of difficult. So having somewhere where they can potentially work here in the summer as well as during the school year is really convenient," says Andrew Klaudt, a software engineering intern at Omnitech.

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology alum, Jeremy Warner works for Omnitech and is the only full time employee currently at the Rapid City office.

"I'm really excited to come back and actually have the opportunity to develop these kinds of positions that are available in the city so that students come out of Mines can say 'hey, I don't have to leave. I don't have to go to Sioux Falls or Fargo or, you know west coast to find a job.' You can stay in town if you want to and that's really exciting for me to be a part of that," says Warner.

Along with Warner, there are two interns working at the Rapid City Office. There is hope the office can grow to add more employees as well as interns in the future.

"Yeah it's really great to be able to choose. So maybe there's certain positions that are only going to still be available in Sioux Falls for a little bit now but having that option in where we can work with whatever they need is going to be kind of a win-win situation moving forward," says Klaudt.