How is the government shutdown affecting the local economy?

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN TV) - The longest government shutdown in history continues on as it enters its 28th day. With more people unemployed, it means less consumer spending.

It seems the shutdown will be more of a gradual hit to the local economy.

227 federal employees in South Dakota filed for unemployment due to the government shutdown. The shutdown is now showing an underlying problem, many Americans living from paycheck to paycheck.

"This has exposed a lot of people by missing one check, 800,000 people are in turmoil. You know, their going to lose their houses, they can't buy their groceries, they can't buy their medicine. So that's a real eye awakening I think for a lot of people," says Consumer Credit Counseling Service Education and Community Outreach Manager Terry Mills.

But Mills says this affects millions of more people, by hurting local businesses and restaurants.

"You know they're not buying clothes, they're not buying a little gas, they're not going out to eat so this is affecting out whole economy and the longer it goes on the bigger affects it will have on our local economy here," says Mills.

Kol, the restaurant in downtown isn't seeing those problems yet. But the executive chef says there could be a problem later on.

"Especially being a tourist destination and with state parks closing and stuff like that. But I think it could affect. I hope we don't take too much of a hit. But in the long run I know the furlough employees they will get paid. Hopefully we'll be back in business in no time," says Kol Executive Chef Cody Bartels.

Mills says people who are struggling need to be upfront and tell their creditors what is going on. This way their may be a chance to create some type of financial plan to pay off any debt.

According to a Bankrate report in early 2018, only 39 percent of Americans could come up with a thousand dollars in case of an emergency. A dramatic decline from 2016's survey of 69 percent.