Release tension with goat yoga

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN TV) - If you like animals and you like to exercise, you're sure to love goat yoga. Shaviq Boutique and Art Gallery downtown has the perfect space for a small intimate yoga class.

Starting in October, goat yoga is held once a month and the reaction has been nothing short of spectacular.

"You're getting to release stress, you're moving your body, you're doing yoga but it's not all serious yoga. You can relax, enjoy and if you're an animal lover like I am, it's the best," says Kris Norlin a goat yogi.

Since 2003, Laura Armstrong has taught yoga and was recently asked to teach goat yoga, she tells us having the animals in class takes away the jitters and everyone is left smiling.

"Our yogi's love it. They walk in with a smile, they smile throughout the whole class, and they leave just feeling good because they move their bodies, they're dealing with the animals and you're laughing the whole time. It's just a lot of fun and I'm glad we have it in the community and it's wonderful to be apart of," says Laura Armstrong a yoga instructor.

During this session, there were three adult goats and a one week old baby but if you come to next months class, expect a few more babies.

"It fills up each time, and we have a new baby goat in there. There's five more babies that were just born this week so next month will be like a show of babies," says Erica Merchant the curator with Shaviq Boutique and Art Gallery.

We're told goat yoga is for everyone, children, adults, beginner or advanced yogi's. Shaviq Boutique and Art Gallery will hosts the next session on February 9th, you can contact them if you want to get involved.