Life saving training

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Rapid City/Pennington County Water Rescue team got a chance to practice their skills on Thursday.

At the YMCA in Rapid City, the team practiced scuba diving as part of a re-certification process.

The training involved completing tasks with impaired senses and limited mobility.

The group is made up of Rapid City Firefighters and police officers, as well as, sheriff's deputies.

While today was about sub-surface training, the team responds to all kinds of situations. They have to be prepared for any kind of water, from rivers to frozen lakes.

We exist for a high right type of emergency that happens at very low frequencies," said Calen Maningas with the water rescue team. "These emergencies that rarely happen but when they do it's super high risk and you need a higher level of technical competence."

The water rescue team was called out as recently as December for someone who fell through the ice.