Germs are hiding in everyday items; see the worst offenders

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN TV) - It's no surprise germs are everywhere but, some everyday items are dirtier than you realize.

Reader's Digest released a list "15 Everyday Items Dirtier than a Toilet Seat" some of these items might even have fecal bacteria, like your cutting board. The average board has 200 times more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat.

"Most people just use the restroom, don't clean up after themselves or the toilet. Quite honestly I would definitely think there's more germs on a toilet than a cutting board," says Omari Ferguson a Rapid City resident.

You use it all day. You text, call, use it for social media your smart phone. It goes with us everywhere, so think about the amount of germs it picks up.

"I don't let anyone touch it usually," says Sara Maher a Summerset resident.

Well you might be surprised. Phones are more than six times dirtier than toilet seats. So you might want to think of that next time you use your phone at the dinner table.

"Oh God. That's gross. I need antibacterial wipes," says Maher.

Your faucet handles can hold up to 21 times the amount of bacteria than your toilet seat and kitchen faucets can harbor 44 times the bacteria.

"Most people think in the everyday life, your toilet is probably the nastiest thing that you have. When in all actuality a smart phone or your faucet or kitchen sink can be dirtier," says Ferguson.

During this cold and flu season, the report is another reminder to wash your hands frequently.