Homebrewing is becoming more popular

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN TV) - With Crimson Hexagon finding that there are 1.2 million home brewers across the country, we figured we would see what it's all about.

The owners of Zymurcracy, a local brewery that just opened up, got their start in the brewing business by beginning at home and after 10 years, Shanon and Jay Waldner finally opened their own place.

They are a part of the Ale Riders Homebrew Club of Rapid City, which is the oldest and largest brew club in South Dakota. If anyone in the area is interested in homebrewing, the President of the club, Bob Oliver, says come to their bi-weekly meetings where they teach people how to home brew with brew sessions, guide members with creating recipes and most important, help educate people so they don't make costly mistakes.

"Because you don't want to just go out and spend hundreds of dollars and not be able to brew something," said Oliver. "We want to help you get started, have a good experience and have something to celebrate with at the end."

The Ale Riders meet every other Saturday at Thirsty's in Rapid City. Check out their Facebook page more more information.