High school students weigh in on citizenship test requirement

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Kristi Noem's first address as governor included a proposal to require all high school students to take the same citizenship test as immigrants who want to become American citizens.

But some young people think if you're from the U.S. you shouldn't need to be tested.

Connor Steen, an opposer of the citizenship test, said, "They were born here. Their parents and heritage goes back to when they had to go through certain things like that so for them to take it to graduate high school is kind of ridiculous."

The citizenship test ranges from facts on our government to historic landmarks.

Kathy Torgerson, a former teacher, said, "We all have a say in our government and we need to know what's going on and how our government works in order to make an intelligent decision and understand our responsibilities."

Jefferey Murphy supports the citizenship test and has a strong opinion on why children should take it.

"They really don't know what's going on. They're out there listening to hip-hop and having a good time and they don't know what's going on," Murphy said.

But the Rapid City school district is confident it's already teaching the essential facts.

"Things you mentioned like what's the longest river and some of those things, those are things they are learning starting in elementary school, all the way up through school and it's being reinforced. It's taught the whole time they are in K-12," Katy Urban, public information manager of Rapid City Area Schools, said.