Mount Rushmore Road Group requests vision fund money to revamp monuments

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The Mount Rushmore Road Group is requesting $200,000 from the Rapid City Vision Funds to revamp the two concrete monuments on Mount Rushmore Road.

These sculptures were installed toward the end of the multi-year reconstruction of Mount Rushmore Road.

The construction project not only addressed structural and drainage issues of the main thoroughfare but also included artistic accessories like flower boxes, lighting and sculptures on the medians. The existing concrete monuments did not meet the expectations of the Mount Rushmore Road Group.

"This artist would also have to come up with the inspiration, they would have to come up with the creation, the design and also the setting of these monuments," said Debra Jensen, president of the Mount Rushmore Road Group. "So it's a big project but these artists would all be local within 70 mile or 75 miles I believe. And we would involve the city public works department. Hopefully we would have the opportunity to involve the Arts Council as well and to really finally do a great design that will represent Rapid City and Mount Rushmore Road for the next 50 years."

If the Mount Rushmore Road Group doesn't secure funding from the Vision Funds, they will explore other options that are currently yet to be determined.