Strapped for cash, school reaches out for Rapid City Vision Funds

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - An elementary school reaches out to Rapid City for a remodeling project that the school district isn't entirely funding.

Pinedale Elementary school is requesting $1.9 million from the city's Vision Fund. The cash would go toward remodeling the playground and tennis courts, add a

The Rapid City Council will meet Jan. 31 where the citizen committee will present their final Vision Fund recommendations.Pinedale Elementary wants to be on the final list.

The school's current funding is only enough to maintain buildings as necessary to keep the school open; but not enough to update areas for extracurricular opportunities.

"The school district's capital outlay funds are spread too thin and the school board can only prioritize projects that prevent us from opening school next year. These community funds, these are very crucial. We believe this is a project that not only serves the kids it also serves the community," says Kumar Veluswamy, manager of facility services for Rapid City Schools.

After the committee presents their recommendations, the city council will then decide how to distribute the funds.