Partial government shutdown continues; how does this affect the Badlands National Park

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN TV) - The difference, the lack of employees running the park. No visitor center, no maintenance, and no restrooms. All because the government is shut down. If this isn't your first time to the Badlands, expect it to be a little different.

"Last time we were here, you know there was people everywhere, walking the trails, you know taking pictures and stuff. This time around, I actually think we're the only people here," says Madisen Koster visiting from Sioux Falls.

One visitor is from Rapid City but goes to college in Wyoming. She's in town for the holidays and brought her friend with her to see the Badlands for the first time. Unfortunately with the shutdown, he won't get the full effect.

"People always just kind of trash on South Dakota so I try to defend myself and show them the best parts of South Dakota when I can, but it's hard to when half of its closed or its not up to the standard that I remember it growing up," says Ashley Frizzell visiting from Rapid City.

The Badlands National Park brings people from across the nation, even the world to see the unique views, but with the shutdown, it seems not as many people are stopping by.

"It's still really nice to look at, one of our highlights last time we were here is we got to meet a bunch of different people from all over that were visiting. Just a little different of an experience," says Koster.

On Friday, President Trump threatened a years-long shutdown of the federal government to get the money he wants for his U.S.- Mexico border wall, he asserted that he could issue a state of emergency to build the wall if it comes to that.