With the stock market fluctuating should you be worried about your money?

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN TV) - The stock market has been on quite the roller coaster lately -- with both record highs and record lows. So should you be worried about your own personal finances heading into the new year?

On Christmas Day Rick Kahler, a financial adviser, sent a letter out to his clients preparing them for the stock market changes. So when the stock market dropped 653 points on Monday and then shot up more than a thousand points on Wednesday...it wasn't a surprise.

"And for example, had a person pulled out on Monday they would have missed the thousand point run up on Wednesday. And had they gotten in yesterday they'd be down 400 so far today. So the short term game is a loser's game to try to figure out in the short term what's going on," says Certified Financial Planner Rick Khaler.

Khaler recommends his clients have at least 40 percent invested in stock, especially when retired. The benefits you can gain in the long-run can surpass the profits made if someone dives in and out of the stock market. So what should you do with your money?... Nothing.

"The worst possible thing you can do is to get out of the market at times like this. If you do that's an unrecoverable, fatal investing mistake," says Khaler.