Postpartum depression can be difficult but there are resources to help

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN TV) - Ginny Webb is a mother of three. After giving birth to her second daughter, Abbie, Ginny realized she was feeling a lot different after this pregnancy.

"Three days after I had her, I just started feeling kind of empty and hopeless. I was still in the hospital, I remember crying my eyes out and feeling like I'm going to be the worst mother in the world. Feeling like it was a mistake to have my baby, which was a really horrible thought and horrible feeling," says Ginny Webb.

Having a baby changes your body and life in so many ways. Feeling sad, moody, or tired is normal but it's when these symptoms intensify that they can become dangerous.

Postpartum depression is defined as depression suffered by a mother following childbirth, typically from the combination of hormonal changes, the stress of parenthood, and fatigue.

"Telling a woman to just get over it or enjoy your baby, what's wrong with you? Is about like telling someone who has a broken leg, well just get up and walk on it," says Webb.

After Ginny survived her postpartum depression, she wanted to help other moms struggling with this issue. She now volunteers with Postpartum Support International. She talks with women across South Dakota about resources in their area.

"Women can call me, I can help them find resources, share my experiences with them and just to let them know they're not alone. That they're not strange for having this, and that is common," says Webb.

Which is how she met Lynnete Sampson.

"It was in hopes to show more support to mothers. Break the stigma, because there's a huge stigma of I'm a terrible mom, that's the big thing. If I've got anxiety or I can't act like other mothers then I'm a terrible mom," says Lynette Sampson the president of Postpartum Support South Dakota.

Postpartum Support International has helped women across the state for over three years, and they're not finished yet. If you would like to learn more about this organization, to get help or to become a volunteer you can find them here-
Instagram: psi.southdakota
Phone number: 605-574-1779