RCAS kindergartners surprised with hundreds of Strider Bikes

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Kindergartners attending a Rapid City Area School will be riding around on some new wheels.

Black Hills Harley dropped of hundreds of Strider Bikes to all elementary schools in the area.

Grandview Elementary was just one of 15 schools to receive some of their Strider Bikes.

A total 375 Strider Bikes will be used in the Kindergarten P.E. classes....so each school is receiving 25 bikes.

Grandview elementary physical education teacher, Stephen Vernon, says this is exciting because some of his students have never been on a bike.

Strider Bikes don't have any pedals so it teaches the kids to balance on the bikes on their own.

Vernon says this donation is helpful because the students can take what they learn here, home.

“We always talk to them about being able to do physical activity outside of school and this is something else they can be exposed to, to see that they can go and do when they go home from here,” states Vernon.

Vernon says once the temperature starts to warm up they plan to take these kids outside to break the bikes in.

The school district hopes to introduce a new type of fun activity to the students that's also good for their health.

Rapid City Area Schools public information manager, Katy Urban, explains “There's fewer kids now today than there was 25 years ago riding bikes. So it's definitely something that we want to bring back, exercise is good for kids, and this gives every kid an opportunity to learn how to ride a bike. So it's a great, great thing for our kids and we definitely know they're excited and our P.E. teachers are excited to see it as well.”

All the schools will receive the Strider Bikes before the next school year.