To vaccinate or not to vaccinate you and your family

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - With flu season in full swing, many families are debating whether to vaccinate themselves and young children.

The flu shot is just one of many vaccines parents must consider for children.

Pediatrician, Dr. Cara Hamilton, says it's not only a good idea to get your child vaccinated for their safety, but others who may be around your kid.

"They might be more susceptible to some of these life threatening illnesses or that they might harbor these illnesses and pass them on to younger children who are too young to be vaccinated or to fully receive a vaccine series, explains Hamilton. “To older people whose immunity is waned over the years or to other kids."

Dr. Hamilton believes vaccines save lives rather than causing negative side effects.

"I feel like the people who have concerns about vaccines have been reading inaccurate information,” states Hamilton. “They're hearing things about how vaccines can cause some terrible side effects or can be the cause of something like autism and the fact is, is that's just not true."

And while you may be sick a disease even after getting a vaccine, there’s still perks of having the shot.

"Yeah they still might get influenza after having received the shot, but they are much less sick for a much shorter amount of time. They lose less, or miss less school, miss less work, they feel better faster,” says Hamilton. “The vaccines don't 100% of the time protect you from everything, but if they can protect you for the most part or at least protect most of the population then we're saving lives."

Dr. Hamilton say if kids receive multiple vaccines at once rather than one at a time, their bodies actually do better responding to the vaccines and provide better immunity in the long run.