Scams are popping up this holiday season

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN TV) - Scams are starting to pop up more and more around the holiday season. From a technician imposter in Belle Fourche to calls about gift card scams.

Black Hills Energy received a customer call from Belle Fourche on Monday reporting a man posing as a Black Hills Energy technician.
The energy company says a similar incident was reported from Gillete, Wyoming too.

"Unfortunately this time of the year, you'll see these scams happening. The scam is not just happening here in the northern hills but were experiencing something similar to this in Gillete, Wyoming area as well. So we want our customers to be aware of the Gillete area, the northern hills, specifically Belle Fourche. Just depends where this individual is traveling or maybe a group of people," says Black Hills Energy Mutch Usera.

The impersonator came in a plain white SUV, a sure-fire sign of sketchy business -- that the energy company is happy the customer picked up on.

"We would have an ID, an identification. Second of all, if there is a vehicle out there we should have, most of our vehicles have Black Hills Energy identification or logos on the side of the doors," says Usera.

But this is not the only scam to watch out for. The Rapid City Police Department is warning people to be cautious about gift card scams.

"I think its terrible. I think especially in this day and age you got to be really careful and triple check, double check, make sure your money is going to where it needs to be," says Kevin McNaughton, a Rapid City visitor.

Scammers are calling up to ask people to buy gift cards and read off the card's information so they can bail out a person's family member or pay back taxes. But really it's money that will end up in scammers pockets.

"It sounds pretty sketchy to me I think overall. I think it's important to, I don't know, I think we have to question stuff like that and if something sounds too good to be true it might be too good to be true," says Shane Parus, a Rapid City visitor.

The police department recommends screening your phonecalls or just hanging up if the caller sounds suspicious.