Ate too much pie? Try these exercises to stay fit this holiday season

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN TV) - Maybe you ate one too many slices of pie this Thanksgiving and is now starting to regret it. No worries, Alexus Davila will show you some exercises to try this holiday season to stay fit.

I'm here with Christina who is a trainer here at planet fitness and these are some tips to keep in mind to keep the weight down during the holidays.

So the first one will be a medicine ball with the Russian Twist so legs crossed and we are just twisting side to side. Hit those stubborn love handle areas. Squats can help build your leg and ab muscles. Straight down there you go. And then the lunges will just put our hands on our hips for stability and then we're just going to lunge out and down as far as you go. So now some awesome partner exercises to get that family member to do it with ya. You're just going to put your hands on their ankles and that person is throwing their feet and you have to bring them right back up.

Planet Fitness will be open on Thanksgiving at noon and will be open on Friday at 5 in the morning.