An artwork of President Donald Trump struck by arrows sparks controversy

RAPID CITY, S.D., (KEVN TV) - A piece of artwork in Art Alley is stirring up some controversy. But the city's art council has not been instructed to take it down. Over the weekend, an anonymous artist attracted attention -- with this controversial piece in Art Alley depicting President Donald Trump.
Some officials are calling this an act of vandalism -- since you normally need a permit from the Rapid City art council, but the artist does not have one. Some say they don't mind it staying up, others want it taken down immediately.

"Harsh and hateful. I don't think this sends any positive messages even if you know. He's definitely my commander and chief so I always have anything good to say about our president," says Alissa Stopa, a Rapid City local.

Others say it makes sense to have it up and this may have persuaded more people to vote in the midterm election.

"Well I think it's really good timing to get everyone to vote whether you agree with him or not, whether you like him or not. I mean its a really persuasive to get people out there," says Rapid City local Angelica Young.

The art council has not been instructed yet to clean it up. The final say has to come from the building's owner. But some hope the voices from the community will help make that decision.

"I think the community definitely should have a say in it because they're the people that walk by this all the time and have to look at it and see it and its probably going to upset some people for sure," says Stopa.

The art council requires people to get permits so they can review the idea and provide supplies to the artist. But a member of the art council says he would rather have people express their views through art rather than through violence.

"I would always choose people to handle these situations and communicate through art rather than something more violent," says Rapid City Art Council Community Outreach Coordinator Tyler Read.