Elementary students honor our veterans

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN TV) - An entire month is dedicated to teaching the students the importance of our military, and why we celebrate Veterans Day.

Wilson's music teacher tells us during rehearsals, many of the kids who have dads, moms, or other family members in the military, are brought to tears listening to the songs.

One of those kids whose dad was in the armed forces, is Emerson. and she is happy to take part in this day.

"If we didn't honor them that much it wouldn't be as important as big of a deal and I think it's a good way that it's from the kids and not just grown ups that are like hey good job, and the kids are actually doing something nice and fun for the grownups," says Emerson Buchholz a fifth grade student at Wilson Elementary.

From the children we talked to, they tell us this veterans program was fun for them. Learning about something that effects us all as Americans.