OneHeart Campus looking to help the homeless in our neck of the woods

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KEVN TV) - Rapid City Collective Impact is taking on a project to help the homeless in our streets with the proposed OneHeart Campus. A place for anyone struggling, or in need can some support.

Staff hope to place the campus on Kansas City Street, down the road from the New CARE Campus. The space is intended to be welcoming for single people or families.

"The beauty of this property that we're looking at and hope to obtain in order to create this campus is that it includes both transitional house all here. Recently renovated micro apartments and dorm style living," says Julie Oberlander the communications director for Rapid City Collective Impact.

If the location on St. Joseph goes through, OneHeart Campus will have over 90 rooms available. The purpose of OneHeart is to allow these people time and opportunities to get back on their feet.

The proposed location would be especially convenient, with a multitude of services provided on one block.

"They'll be basically right next door to some of the services that they'll be seeking. Whether that's counseling, whether that's job training, whether that's additional education," says Oberlander.

The OneHeart Campus is a $16 million project that for the most part has been privately funded and plans to open its doors the end of 2020.