20th Annual Caring Rose Week kicks off at one local floral company

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Do you know anybody that could use a little cheer to brighten up their Day?

You might want to head down to Victoria's Garden, a downtown Rapid City floral company. Now through Friday Nov. 9, they are hosting the 20th Annual Caring Rose Week. All you need to do is donate two cans of food along with $10 dollars and they'll give you a dozen roses. There is no limit to how many you can order and all donations will be gifted to Working Against Violence, Inc., or WAVI.

"We love this week because our community loves WAVI," said Vicki Bierman, the owner of Victoria's Garden. "They don't just bring in two cans of food, they bring in grocery sacks full of food. So it's very touching for us to be apart of it. We get to watch all of this happen in our community and people are so generous and you know every day people come in and maybe they'll share stories how WAVI helped them or how they participate with WAVI."

Currently, Victoria's Garden has sold around 120 bunches of roses, which is 240 cans worth of food.