October makes Rapid City building permit numbers just shy of $300,000,000

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - It's another great year so far for the number of building permits issued in Rapid City...

The City's Building Services Division issued 388 building permits in October with a valuation of $13,660,680 million dollars. So far this year, the city issued 3,326 permits which is 100 permits shy from last year. And although we had less this year, 2018's permit valuation is about $55,000,000 more than 2017, making this year's totals just shy of $297,662,4380. Just like last year, this year will more and likely make it the City's 3rd time it broke over the $300 million mark...which is good for jobs.

"I think it just shows enthusiasm and excitement about as far as building, I think the builders have been excited," said Darell Shoemaker, Rapid City communications coordinator. There's been a lot of work to be done in the community. As we've always said, whether it's the residential permits or whether it's the commercial permits, that's putting people to work, I mean behind everyone of those permits it's plumbers at work, it's electricians and welders and painters at work and so that money stays right here at home."

Some of the top permits issued in October include a $2,150,000 inside alteration at Menards, a South Dakota Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church for the Woyatan Retreat Center valued at $900,000, A car wash at 2308 W. Main Street valued at $793,000.