RCEA against the Partridge Amendment

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - In just a couple of weeks the state will begin collecting taxes on online transactions, but that doesn't necessarily mean more money for the general fund.

Two years ago when the state passed the half cent sales tax to give teachers a pay raise, legislators also passed an amendment to repeal it once internet sales tax collection hit a certain point. That amendment is the Partridge amendment and legislators and the governor are divided on how it will actually work.

Sue Podoll with the Rapid City Education Association says eliminating the half cent sales tax won't just hamper teachers, but other school employees.

"There's a whole team approach to this," Podoll said. "So, I don't like hear the idea of pulling back on that sales tax because, quite frankly, there are other personnel within our school district that need to be acknowledged and recognized for the work they do."

Collection on internet sales begins November first.