Last artwork completed at Main Street Square

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - After five years, the sculptures at Rapid City’s Main Street square are finally complete, now with a traditional Lakota design added.

“Having a native artist highlighted at this major intersection is a really important statement about where Rapid City’s heart is,” said Anna Huntington, development director for First People’s Fund.

Artist Molina Parker was the perfect fit. She began overseeing her work on the granite bench right outside of Main Street Square on Thursday. The bench pattern consists of stars, the traditional medicine wheel and the buffalo’s vertebrae.

"When this design contest came out I came down and took a look at the work Masayuki had done and most of his work concentrates on things on land so I wanted to find a nice balance between the two and add stars here as well," Parker explained.

First People’s Fund won’t have the official unveiling for a couple of weeks, but the bend is done.