Felony drug arrest up and DUI numbers down

STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) - Numbers from the South Dakota Department of Transportation show traffic is up with more than 340,000 riders counted.

But law enforcement is looking at another number that's up: felony drug arrests.

Through Wednesday, the South Dakota Highway Patrol has made 46 felony drug arrest in the Rapid City and Sturgis district, which is up by 11 last year.

They are also seeing an increase in misdemeanor drug arrests.

Even though they are making more arrest for felony drug arrest, the number of vehicles seized for drug possession has been cut nearly in half from the year before.

The drugs they are finding in these felony drug arrests range across the spectrum.

South Dakota Highway Patrol, Capt. Jason Ketterling, says “obviously methamphetamine very popular. Cocaine to hash to marijuana as well. Just the general use of drugs I think is on the increase as well, above marijuana.”

While felony drug arrests are up, DUI arrests are down more than 15%. There has been a total of 95 so far.