North Korea threatens strike on base with Ellsworth airmen

A B-1 bomber departs Ellsworth Air Force Base Aug. 5, as part of a deployment to Andersen AFB, Guam, in support of U.S. Pacific Command’s continuous bomber presence mission. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Sadie Colbert)

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) – North Korea says it is examining its plans for attacking Guam to contain U.S. bases there.

Earlier this month, 350 airmen and six B-1 bombers were deployed to Andersen Air Force Base on Guam.

The bombers are flying show of force missions near North Korea as tensions grow over that country’s nuclear weapons program and threats of striking the U.S. mainland with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The latest North Korean threat comes after President Donald Trump says that North Korea "had best not make any more threats to the United States" or "they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen."

A Japanese defense paper and a U.S. media report said Tuesday that North Korea may have successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles.

That's a key benchmark in the country's attempt to become a full-fledged nuclear power.

Washington's alarm over North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's pursuit of a nuclear capability has intensified in the past month after the North conducted two tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles last month.