4 legged friends pay a visit to Santa

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While Santa's lap was full of children all day Sunday at the mall, after hours the four-legged animals got their chance to get their picture taken with the jolly fellow

Dozens of dogs of all different sizes waited their turn with their families to have a chance to take a family photo with Santa.
The dogs made new friends, sniffed out the Christmas trees, and all were good boy's and girls who got belly rubs
For the jolly man in the red its a good time to get to know the dogs who protect their homes before he comes down the chimney

Santa says, " You have to remember some of my favorite person in the world are animals. Who takes care of me all night long on Christmas Eve? I would not want to go down that chimney and them not love me

the dogs that pre-registered for the event also received a gift from old St. Nick which was a special chew toy.