3D racers hit the track at WDT

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It was race day out at Western Dakota Tech Tuesday morning.
The 80 foot track was laid out in the school's event Center.

WDT 3D printed cars

And these are the racers.
The frame, body and gears for these cars were designed and printed on a 3-D printer by students in the Computer-Aided Drafting Mechanical Drafting Class.
They all had the same small electric motor, battery and wheels and the rest was up to them to hit top speed down the track.

CAD 202 instructor James Loverich says, "We get really good at drawing things up on the computer. Then when it comes time to actually create these pieces and parts and getting them all to fit together, that just takes it to a whole other level. There's a lot of things that you learn by actually doing it and making things fit together. A lot of times, that's the tricky part."

When the bracket racing was all done, second year student Alec Weidenbach from Rapid City came away as the big champion.